April 27th, 2005

Protests Against Proposed Coca-Cola Plant in Gangaikondan

TIRUNELVELI: Soft drink major Coca Cola continues to generate adverse
publicity. The MNC was in the eye of a storm at Plachimada in Palakkad
district of Kerala, where there was stiff opposition to its bottling unit.

The focus has now shifted to Gangaikondan, where a Coca Cola
production unit is fast coming up. The local CPM unit is already up in
arms against the unit, alleging it would deplete the water table in
the region.Collapse )


The Hindu
The perumatti grama panchayath today refused to renew the licence of
Hindustan Coca cola beverages pvt.ltd at plachimada. The panchayath
decision follows an application moved by coca cola on april 13th last.
The panchayath had cancelled the licence of the company on april 7th
2003 on the plea that it had received complaints from local people that
the drawing of huge quantity of ground water by the company had resulted
in wells drying up, causing acute drinking water scarcity in the area.
But the factory managed to function till march 10, 2004 on the strength
of a government order and the stay from the single bench of the Kerala
High court over ruling the civic bodys decisions. On december 16th 2003
a single bench of the High court directed the coke to stop exploiting
the ground water resources of the panchayath and find alternative water
sources for its production needs. though a division bench set aside the
single bench ruling , the stzte cabinet on 17th 2004 directed the
company to stop the operation in view of the acute drought situation in
palakad district. consiquently the units stoped operation on march 10th
2004 but a divisioin bench of the kerala high court had on april 7th
2005 ordered the panchayath to grand licence to the company if it
submitted an applicaion with in two weeks, provided it had with it the
requesit licence issued under the factory acts and the clearance of the
state pollution control board. Collapse )

University Demands Answers from Coca-Cola

*Ann Arbor, Michigan, US:* The Coca-Cola Company was put on the
defensive yesterday under the intense scrutiny of students, professors,
and administrators at the University of Michigan. An expansive
six-month-long student campaign came to a head as 11 corporate
representatives were forced to account for Coca-Cola's crimes in
Colombia and India. In Colombia, Coke has been involved in the murders,
threats, displacements, disappearances and attacks of union workers at
its bottling plants. In India, the company has depleted the water
supply, distributed toxic waste to farmers under the guise of
fertilizer, and sold soft drinks containing excessively high levels of
pesticides. Students are demanding that the University of Michigan cut
its $1.3 million contract with the Coca-Cola Company. The campaign at
the University is part of an international student movement in
solidarity with workers in Colombia and farmers in India. Thirteen other
universities have already cut their contracts with Coca-Cola.
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