April 20th, 2005

22 April 2005 Anti-Cola People’s Confluence: Plachimada

Plachimada Solidarity Committee
Plachimada, Kannimari, Palakkad, Kerla, India
Phone: 9847142513

The struggle by the indigenous people against the exploitation and
pollution of water of Coca Cola Company at Plachimada completes three
years on 22 April 2005. The Anti Coca Cola Struggle Committee and
Plachimada Solidarity Committee have already firmly declared that the
Cola Company, which has obtained permission to extract 500,000 litres
from the High Court, would not be permitted to operate in Plachimada.
On 22 April 2005 an Anti-Cola People's Confluence is being organised
at Plachimada to commence the next phase of intense agitation with
the support of all people.
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