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Anivar Aravind

Anti-Coke stir enters fourth year, activists pledge support

The Hindu
Palakkad, April. 22 (PTI): Political leaders and social activists
today pledged support to the struggle against the Coca Cola plant at
Plachimada village near here as the agitation demanding closure of the
soft drink unit completed three years today.

Addressing the 'anti-Cola people's meet' organised to mark the
occasion, Janata Dal leader M P Veerendrakumar, said the struggle
would be carried on till the plant is closed as the key issue involved
was a community's vital right over drinking water.

Powerful multinationals might not even be afraid of the Bush
Administration, but they had been rattled by the true grit and
determination with which the poor people in Plachimada had kept up the
struggle to ascertain their right over drinking water and against its
exploitation by the soft drink plant, Veerendrakumar said.

Adivasi Gotra Mahasabha leader C K Janu, demanded a legislation to
ensure people's right over water and check its commercial
exploitation. Mayilamma, a tribal woman in the forefront of the
Plachimada stir, inaugurated the meet. A Krishnan, President of
Perumatty Panchayat, where the plant is located, read out the
'anti-Cola pledge.'

RSP State Secretary T J Chandrachoodan, Congress-S leader V C Kabeer,
MLA, Janata Dal (S) State Secretary General Krishnankutty, and leaders
of youth outfits DYFI, AIYF and Yuva Janata Dal participated.

A sit-in was also held in front of the soft drink plant.
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