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Agitation Against Coca Cola Intensifies

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 18:20:29 -0000
From: crbijoy <>

Below are translations of some news reports from 'Mathrubhumi'daily
immediately after the high court judgements. This is indicative of the
growing intensity of the protests.

Agitation Against Coca Cola Intensifies

Palakkad: The protest against coca cola is intensifying in the context
of the permission granted by the High Court to Coca Cola to function.
The protesters are firm that the company would not be allowed to
operate even if the authorities make all the arrangements for its
operation. While appeal against the High Court judgement would be
filed in the Supreme Court, the agitation against coca cola would be
intensified. Activists of AIYF would march to Plachimada Coca Cola
plant on Monday.

With the agitations having crossed 1084 days, and three years
completing on April 22, more individuals and organisations have
declared support to the struggle.

People from Dr. Sukumar Azhikode who presided over the World Water
Conference to the struggle heroine Mayilamma have opined that the
court judgement did not take cognisance of people's feelings. The
opposition leader V.S Achuthanandan and Janatha Dal State President M.
P Veerendrakumar stated that the high court judgement in favour of
Coca Cola was very unfortunate. P.R Vasanthan, DYFI State President
who participated in the human chain against Cola said that even if the
company extracts water, no sales would be permitted by DYFI. The
State conference of Solidarity' being held on April 23-24 would
discuss about intensification of the struggle against Coca Cola. The
Anti Coca Cola Struggle Committee and the Solidarity Committee had
earlier made it clear that Coca Cola Company would never be permitted
to operate. Plachimada Solidarity Committee had declared their
intention to march against the High Court on April 15th. A defence
committee consisting of A Krishnan, President, Perumatty Grama
Panchayat, Vilayodi Venugopal, the patron of Anti Coca Cola Struggle
Committee and R. Ajayan, State Convenor, Plachimada Solidarity
Committee has been formed to conduct the case in the Supreme Court and
to continue the struggle against cola.

All the political parties in the Left Democratic Front (LDF) have
since declared their solidarity to the struggle. From the United
Democratic Front (UDF), Abdusamad Samadani, leader of Muslim League
(M.P), M.A John, the Congress leader, R.Balakrishna Pillai, the
Chairman of Kerala Congress (B) (MLA) had come to Plachimada several
times and expressed their solidarity with the struggle. K. Raman
Pillai, the State General Secretary of BJP has spoken supporting the
Plachimada struggle.

At the same time, V.S Vijayaraghavan, Palakkad DCC President demanded
an apology from the LDF for having invited Coca Cola and given
permission to them to set up their plant in this rain shadow region of
Western Ghats. He asked why those who were agitating against Coca Cola
were not protesting against Pepsi.

Clashes During AIYF's Anti Coca Coal March

Palakkad: The march by AIYF to the Plachimada Coca Cola Company on
Monday ended in clashes. Skirmishes with the police erupted when the
activists tried to forcibly enter the plant. Satyapal, the District
President of AIYF, led the protest march that began at 11 am from
Kannimari in the context of the High Court judgement. E.K Selvakumar,
Secretary, P.Manikantan, O.K Saithalavi, and T.A Rashid, Executive
Committee members. The Adivasis who have kept up their agitation for
1085 days saluted the AIYF activists. A massive police force fully
armed including with tear gas led by C.A Antony, Circle Inspector of
Kollangode was present at the gate of Coca Cola. Venugopal Vilayodi,
the patron of the Anti Coca Cola Struggle Committee stated that the
High Court judgement was unjust. Vilayodi also stated that the
protests led by Gandhiji against the British were the example for

Satyapal, the District President presided. T.Sidharthan, the District
Secretary of Bharathiya Kisan Mazdoor Union spoke. Selvakumar, the
District Secretary welcomed the gathering.
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